February 7, 2018

Gentlemen, I wanted to follow up with both of you and thank you again for your efforts in addressing our issue this past weekend. Gerry – taking my call at 10:30 on a Friday night while you were away, and Gregg – driving back to the shop from LI to get me a motor off a machine in your shop was way beyond the call of duty. We were able to finish our tasks because of both of your willingness to help. You guys are a class act and I am extremely grateful. Thanks.

Come to Alessi for any kind of attachment! We sell and service vibratory driver extractors from Gilbert and booms from Indeco. We’re your source for Indeco’s Hydraulic Hammers, pulverizer/crushers, compactors, and shears, We are the North Americas distributor of all Gilbert vibratory hammers.

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