X26 S70 Tiltrotator 20-25 tonnes

The Steelwrist X26 tiltrotator, meticulously engineered for excavators weighing between 18 and 26 tonnes. Crafted to embody unrivaled power and enduring resilience, our tiltrotator stands as an indispensable companion for excavators within this weight range. Featuring a compact design, generous tilt angle, and a remarkable balance of robustness and lightness facilitated by steel cast components.

Tailored for the most demanding tasks, the X26 tiltrotator excels in a spectrum of heavy-duty operations including road construction, foundation excavation, earthmoving, and large-scale demolition projects. With the ability to rotate a work tool a full 360 degrees and tilt up to 45 degrees in each direction, the X26 empowers excavator operators with unparalleled precision and control. This agility not only streamlines your workflow but also equips you to tackle a myriad of challenging new jobs with ease.

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