The Kenco BLK6K24T30 Bin Block Lift boasts a robust 6,000 lb. capacity and a versatile grip range spanning from 24” to 30”. Its innovative design is tailored to seamlessly accommodate the keyway systems present in precast concrete blocks, known under various monikers such as bin block, mafia block, waste block, and ecology block.

Featuring a unique cut-away section, this Kenco bin block lifter effortlessly straddles over the keyway, ensuring a snug and stable fit. Operators can simply position the tongs of the BLK6K24T30 Kenco Bin Block Lifter over the block. The automatic gripping mechanism swiftly secures the block as it is lifted. Upon placement, tension on the sling is released, and the concrete lifting device locks into position, primed for the next operation.

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