Indexator Rotator Systems

On 1 March 2015, Indexator Rototilt Systems will officially change its name to become Rototilt Group AB. The name change has already been passed by the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Behind this apparently undramatic event lies a bigger, long-term decision about continued product development and a determined international marketing initiative. This is good news for you, too. Here are some answers to a few of the FAQs we expect to crop up in connection with our name change. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Come to Alessi for any kind of attachment! We sell and service vibratory driver extractors from Antaeus; the revolutionary Rototilt rotation/tilt attachment from Indexator; booms from Indeco; . We’re your source for Indeco’s Hydraulic Hammers, pulverizer/crushers, compactors, and shears, We are the North Americas distributor of al Antaeus vibratory hammers.

Alessi Equipment also rents equipment and has an inventory of pre-owned equipment for sale.