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RoboVib Pile Drivers

Alessi Equipment is the nationwide U.S. distributor of RoboVib, the revolutionary new robotic vibratory pile driver from APE and J&M Foundation Equipment.

These excavator-mounted vibros allow a single operator to unload H and I beams and sheet piles, raise them to the vertical, position them precisely, and drive them to grade -- all with NO extra equipment needed, and with superior speed and power.

APE RoboVib

Advanced Design

APE RoboVib working

Powered by excavator hydraulics and fully articulated, RoboVib drives piles up to 40' long, much more economically and with greater safety than conventional crane-handled methods. Efficient, built for long life and heavy duty, and able to drive piles from the side or from the top, RoboVib answers the need for a reliable excavator-mounted vibratory driver. Below are just a few of the RoboVib's innovative design features:

  • Three eccentrics positioned directly over the pile; super heavy-duty 40° telescopic tilt mechanism for lower profile and equal left and right tilt torque.
  • Eccentric moment 22% greater than the competition
  • All jaws have J&M's exclusive "Kryptonite" coating for exceptional wear life
  • High pressure gear motor is interchangeable to exactly match excavator hydraulic flow to RoboVib. No flow controls or restrictions to cause heat build-up in excavator hydraulic system
  • Replaceable, offset bushings at the RoboVib/excavator connection allow pin diameter and center distance changes to accommodate various brands and sizes of excavators.

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