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MuscleMate is the United States attachment division of TRAMAC Corporation and, as such, these products reflect the same fine quality and workmanship that have long been synonymous with the Tramac brand.

MuscleMate offers an expanding range of advanced-design excavator attachments for construction, demolition, and recycling operations.

MuscleMate demolition shears

MuscleMate Hydraulic and Mechanical Attachments

MuscleMate PFH demolition shears

PFH Demolition Shears

MuscleMate rotating scrap shear

Rotating Scrap/Demolition Shears

MuscleMate PBH crusher pulverizer

PBH Crusher/Pulverizers

MuscleMate Super Cosmo magnetic pulverizer

Super Cosmo Magnetic Pulverizers

MuscleMate rail cutter

Mobile Rail Cutters

MuscleMate BB pulverizer

BB Mechanical Pulverizers

MuscleMate DRG grapple

DRG Recycling Grapples

MuscleMate TMAG hydraulic magnet

TMAG Hydraulic Magnets