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Indeco Hydraulic Attachments

Indeco North America has built an excellent reputation as a leading manufacturer of reliable, powerful hydraulic attachments for construction, demolition, and the aggregate stone industry.

Indeco pulverizer

Indeco Hydraulic Breakers

Ideal breakers for demolishing and processing concrete, rock, and other materials, Indeco's full range of 19 heavy- duty models -- from the 180 to 25,000 ft .lb. energy class -- are designed to fit your brand of excavator, loader backhoe, mini-excavator, skid-steer loader, or stationary boom-mount system. THE INDECO 25000 IS THE LARGEST HAMMER IN THE WORLD. IT'S AT WORK NOW IN NEW YORK CITY. CALL FOR DETAILS.

Indeco Hydraulic Pulverizers

Indeco's new pulverizer/crushers - in both rotating and fixed models - are built with an array of advanced features for demolition and recycling of concrete and reinforced concrete, as well as metal and non-metal structures. Resistant to pressure and wear, their design offers excellent grip and enhances hydraulic energy for peak demolition performance. The unique shape reduces start (maximum opening) and finish (minimum opening) times. Large jaw openings plus a hydraulic system with a regenerative valve means jaws close faster for high production rates. The distance between the cutters inside the jaws can be regulated so that rebar can be cut more efficiently. The Rotating series pulverizers rotate continuously through 360 °, and the Multi model has interchangeable jaws for demolition/crushing, pulverizing, and shearing.

IFP Fixed Pulverizers
IRP Rotating Pulverizers
MULTI Interchangeable Pulverizer

Indeco Hydraulic Compactors

Indeco's new line of compactors produce a high degree of compaction on a wide variety of soil types in a short time, and work effectively around foundations and close to other obstructions, including sites on embankments and slopes. They are also effective pile drivers.

Indeco Mechanical Grapples

Indeco's powerful mechanical grapples are available in two types: the "C" grapples for general contractors' use in sorting, loading, light demolition, etc. -- and the "H" series for heavier applications like massive rock and concrete slab handling and major demolition.

Indeco Boom Systems

Indeco offers the PBS (Portable Breaking System) Boom/Breaker series for easy-on and -off use on track-mounted portable crushing plants -- and the heavy SBS (Stationary Breaking System) Boom/Breaker range for optimum coverage and effectiveness with big stationary crushers.