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Tramac Stationary Booms

A size and design for every application -- Tramac offers stationary rockbreaker boom assemblies to match any job. There are four basic styles of boom design for different levels of duty: the lighter- weight TS Pinnacle Boom Systems ... CDB Standard Boom Systems ... CDB Heavy Duty Boom Systems ... and the TR Boom Systems for mine duty.

Tramac  TR Mine Duty boom

Tramac booms are powerfully constructed to withstand the most demanding environments, and for long, productive working life with a minimum of costly maintenance. Automatic lubrication is available on all models, and standard on the TS Pinnacle series.

TS Pinnacle

The result of careful study and testing, Tramac's new Pinnacle boom systems are well suited for a wide variety of crushed stone operations, processing limestone or any medium-hard rock. They carry hammers weighing between 600 and 2100 lbs., and are optimally configured when matched with a 2,000-ft. lb. impact class breaker.

CDB Standard Duty

This series is designed for the needs of the aggregate stone industry, carrying hammers up to 2,500 lbs. (1,150 kg). These are the toughest booms in their class on the market.

CDB Heavy Duty

These are boom systems for mines and quarries, carrying hammers up to 3,530 lbs. (1,601 kg).

TR Mine Duty

These boom systems are used in large dump pockets with high capacity gyratory crushers, carrying hammers up to 7,010 lbs. (3,178 kg). Available with horizontal reach measurements exceeding 40 ft. (12 meters). TR booms are custom-made, with variations that respond to individual site requirements.

Customized booms

At Alessi Equipment, we specialize in configuring Tramac booms for your particular job requirements. Please call for more information.