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Mobile Rotating Scrap and Demolition Shears:
DS and XS Series

MuscleMate's rotating shears are essential tools in processing almost any type of material in scrap yards and demolition sites. Their advanced designs combine power, agility, speed, and tough dependability. The DS and XS Series differ in their degrees of rotational capability and the weight of carrier they require.

MuscleMate DS Rotating Scrap Shear

Designed for cutting, demolition and processing of steel structures, vehicles, rail cars and rails, ships, tanks, large tires, cable and steel wire, concrete with heavy rebar, general industrial and mixed scrap.

DS Series: 180° Powered Rotation
for carriers from 17,600 to 154,000 lbs.

XS Series: 360° Powered Rotation
for carriers from 22,000 lbs. and up

MuscleMate XS Rotating Scrap Shear

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